This section explains why we investigate and when employers should make a referral.

Please use our Employer Referral Form when making a referral. Our Employer Referral Guidance will help you complete the form.

If you have concerns that a worker’s fitness to practise may be impaired, you should refer them to us.

You should do this even if the worker is no longer employed by you as they may apply to work in an alternative social service role. 

See our flow chart showing when to make a referral.

To make a referral please see the Employer Referral Guidance and download the Employer Referral Form.

As part of our role as the regulator of social service workers, we have statutory duties to protect the public and uphold public confidence in the social service profession. We need to conduct independent investigations into any concerns raised with us about a worker's fitness to practise. 

Find out more about Fitness to Practise.

Our Frequently Asked Questions about SSSC Registration document has useful information for employers about disciplinary and fitness to practise.