Workforce development

Most people are aware of our role as a regulator, making sure key groups of workers are registered and taking action where necessary. But our role also involves:

  • regulating the training and education of the social service workforce
  • promoting the difference education and training makes to workers and people who use services
  • undertaking the functions of the Sector Skills Council; Skills for Care and Development, this includes workforce planning and development.

We are working with our partners, employers and workers to build capacity and capability so we have the workforce needed for the future. A workforce that is suitable to meet the many challenges facing social services. Developing a safe and skilled workforce relies both on our regulatory work and our development work. It is not enough to remove people from the SSSC Register we must make sure that those who are on the Register continue to develop their skills.

Visit Our current work in the workforce development section to find out more.

Partnership working

We often carry out our work in support of developing the workforce in partnership with other organisations, key stakeholders and providers. In partnership with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and the Joint Improvement Team (JIT) we are:

  • developing workforce skills
  • developing knowledge and capability
  • developing effective workforce development for self-directed support
  • ensuring health and social care integration promotes collaborative, reflective and general learning.

These close working partnerships mean we are well prepared for the Scottish Government’s plan to bring social services and health services together. Visit our Health and social care integration page to find out more about integration.