Workforce data

The Scottish Parliament approved the SSSC as an Official Statistics provider in 2012. We publish data about social service workers in Scotland.

You can visit our Scottish Social Service Workforce Data website to use a wide range of tools, visualisations and datasets to help you to use the data to plan your workforce for the future.

Some key facts from our 2015 Workforce Data report:

  • The size of the workforce has increased to 203,200 people, an increase of 1.8%. This makes the workforce the largest it has been since these reports began in 2008 and approximately 7.8% of Scottish employment.
  • The three largest sub-sectors are housing support/care at home, care homes for adults and day care of children; together, these sectors account for almost 77% of the workforce.
  • The percentage of men working in the sector remains at 15%, although it is more than double in criminal justice and residential children’s services.