Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan details our work for the next three years. The plan explains our outcomes, the work we will do to meet these outcomes and how we will show the difference we will make. It shows how our work contributes to the Scottish Government’s National Outcomes.

The Strategic Plan 2014-2017 sets out our strategic outcomes that we will work towards in 2014 – 2017.

The results of our work over the next three years will help us achieve the following strategic outcomes:

  • there is a safe, skilled, confident and flexible social service workforce with the appropriate values, knowledge, skills and qualifications for current and future sector needs
  • the SSSC is influential in policy making and the social service sector
  • the social service workforce is valued
  • qualifications for social service workers are fit for purpose
  • the right people are on the SSSC Register
  • the SSSC’s resources, products and activities support the development of the workforce and increase its capacity and capability
  • the SSSC is recognised as a well-run, well governed and effective organisation.

During the life time of this Strategic Plan we will see many changes with significant policy developments starting to take shape. These developments will affect the social service workforce, their roles and the skills they require. With our partners, we are ready to face the changing times ahead and this plan sets out our role.

Our central aim is improvement. Over the next three years of this strategic plan we want to see life for people using social services across Scotland improve. The part we play in that is to make sure we have the right people with the right skills in place.

National policy developments

Within the three-year period of this Strategic Plan, there will be key national policy developments in the following areas:

  • public service reform
  • integration of health and social care
  • integration of children’s services
  • self-directed support
  • community empowerment.

These policy developments have the potential to significantly affect the direction and change of the social service workforce.