Press releases

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has published updated Social media guidance for social service workers. The guidance provides advice for workers on using social media in a way that meets the SSSC Code of Practice, which sets out the expected behaviours and values of the workforce. It focuses on issues registrants and other stakeholders come across most frequently.

The SSSC today (2 October 2017) opened the Register to 45,000 people working in care at home and housing support services across Scotland, the biggest single group of workers to register with the SSSC. They will join the 100,000 people already on the Register, including their managers and supervisors and people working in social work, adult care, children's day and residential services. 

The SSSC published the 2016 Workforce Data Report today (14 September 2017). The report shows that the size of the social service workforce has shrunk slightly to 200,650, a drop of 0.03% compared to 2015 and makes up approximately 7.7% of all Scottish employment. However the whole time equivalent measure of the workforce has increased by 0.15% since 2015 to 150,540.

The SSSC Register of Social Service Workers has reached a total of 100,000 people today (13 September). This milestone means that approximately half the social service workforce which currently has around 200,000 workers is now registered and many more will join them when we open the Register to the 50,000 workers in care at home and housing support services on 2 October.

The SSSC published the 2016 Mental Health Officers’ Report today (29 August 2017). The statistics show the number of mental health officers (MHO) has gone up by 5.4% to 722 in December 2016.