Committees, sub-committees and panels

The SSSC has a number of committees, sub-committees and panels. They can be split into three categories: operational committees (which are primarily responsible for developing and maintaining SSSC policies), regulatory committees and the committees, sub-committees or panels considering appeals and qualifications.  They all report to the Council.

Operational committees

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee scrutinise and develop the external audit arrangements as well as ensuring that there is a sufficient internal control arrangements.

The Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee approve the salary packages for SSSC employees with the exception of the Chief Executive and Council members.

The Resources Committee

The Resources Committee develop and scrutinise strategy, budgets and plans to ensure that resources are being used in an efficient, effective and economical manner. The Resources Committee are also responsible for reviewing organisational structure and human resources policies, processes and procedures.

Regulatory committees

The Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee report on outcomes and disposals of the Preliminary Proceedings Sub-committees and Conduct Sub-committees as well as advising of any training required for those Committees and Sub-committee members.

The Registration Committee

The Registration Committee report on outcomes and disposals of the Registration Sub-committees as well as advising them of any training required for their Committee and Sub-committee members.

The Fitness To Practise Committee

The Fitness to Practise Committee report on outcomes and disposals of the Fitness to Practise panels as well as advising of any training required for Committee and Panel members.

Appeals Committees

The Employment Appeals Sub-committee

The Employment Appeals Sub-committee hears and determines appeals by employees in line with our Grievance Procedures and Disciplinary Procedures.

The Special Appeals Committee

The Special Appeals Committee deal with concerns about Fitness to Practise Committee, Registration Committee and Conduct Committee members.

Training Appeal Panel

The Panel provides an appeal for decisions made under the Scottish Social Services Council Rules for Social Work Training (2003), the Scottish Social Services Council Rules and Requirements for Specialist Training for Social Service Workers in Scotland (2005) and the Rules and Requirements for Awards Developed from the Standard for Childhood Practice (2008).

Qualification Panel

The Qualification Panel makes recommendations on individual qualifications or on qualification principles and criteria and to provide development, review, support and advice on qualification matters.