We aim to work to the highest standards of integrity in the public interest. Our code of governance ensures that we achieve this.

The framework we operate in means that we:

  • are focussed on outcomes
  • work in clearly defined roles
  • promote values for the whole organisation and demonstrate good governance through behaviour
  • take informed and transparent decisions which are subject to scrutiny
  • engage with stakeholders to make sure we are accountable.

A series of documents set out how we operate:

Public Service Reform (Scotland) Act 2010: Duties on public bodies to provide information

Please read the Scottish Government guidance document which accompanies the figures and explains the requirements and how the information is provided.

SSSC PSR Bill Disclosure 2015-16
SSSC PSR Bill Disclosure 2014-15
SSSC PSR Bill Disclosure 2013-14

SSSC PSR Bill disclosure 2012-13
SSSC PSR Bill disclosure 2011-12
SSSC PSR Bill disclosure 2010-11