Data protection

This data protection notice explains how we will use the data we collect about people registered by us and people who apply for registration with us.

We will use the information that you and others provide to:

  • consider your initial and continued suitability to be registered
  • update and maintain the Register
  • keep in touch with you
  • produce statistics.

When considering your initial and continued suitability to be registered we may:

  • confirm your qualifications by sharing your information with organisations such as universities, colleges, awarding bodies, bodies assessing qualifications etc
  • investigate and seek information about material we receive about you that may affect your suitability to be registered
  • share information with your employer about the outcome of your application and any decisions made in relation to your registration
  • share relevant information about you in order to protect the public with:
  • your employer and any other person as required by our rules or when required to protect the public
    • other UK Social Care Councils, the Health Professions Council (HCPC) and the Care Inspectorate
    • other regulatory bodies and similar organisations in the United Kingdom and in other countries
    • SSSC Committees, Sub-committees, agents acting for the SSSC and expert witness
    • Scottish Ministers in terms of the legislation relating to the protection of children and vulnerable groups.

If the SSSC finds that you have committed misconduct, or imposes a condition, warning or interim suspension on your registration, we will share this information in any way that we consider appropriate - currently this is published on our website.

When updating and maintaining the Register we will:

  • update your details
  • provide the following information to the general public on request which will also be available on the public Register on our website
    • your full name
    • your registration number and the part/s of the Register on which you are registered
    • the postal town where you work
    • the fact that you have been removed or suspended from the Register by a Conduct Sub-committee and the reasons (where applicable)
  • provide the outcome of your application and the reasons for our decision to your current social service employer
  • once you are registered, provide the following additional information to your current social service employer, and to any other social service employer considering employing you:
    • your full work address (unless it is your home address, or the SSSC is satisfied disclosure may expose you to danger)
    • your qualifications
    • any conditions and warnings we impose on your registration
    • decisions (and reasons for them) made in relation to your registration, for example, the outcome of hearings which may include suspension and removal from the Register.

Keeping in touch with you includes:

  • contacting you about your registration
  • sending you regular information about the Register and our work.

Preparing statistics includes:

  • using some information about you to monitor trends and provide reports about our Register. These reports provide statistical data but do not identify individuals. This information is kept indefinitely.

Your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is registered with the Information Commissioner and data supplied by you will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Data Controller is the SSSC.

The personal information that we use to make a decision about your registration is kept to enable us to regulate the social service workforce, and protect and enhance the safety and welfare of everyone who may use care services. It is kept for the duration of your registration. Where your registration comes to an end, we will keep your personal information until we consider it unlikely that you will seek re-registration.

You are entitled to ask the SSSC for a copy of the data we hold about you. Your can request this via our Subject Access Request form, by letter or email, and there is a charge of £10 for each request. You can write to us at:

Scottish Social Services Council
Compass House
11 Riverside Drive
DD1 4YE.

Sharing personal data

In limited circumstances, we may need to share personal data with partner organisations, such as the Care Inspectorate. We will make sure that your personal data is shared safely and securely, in line with the Act.